Paul O’Brien

Academic Subject Leader Creative Computing

I’m an experienced manager, principal lecturer with 26 years of knowledge and practice in various areas across the industry, including 3D Animation, Interactive Media, Games Design, eLearning, Small Systems Development and Digital Video Production. An experienced team leader, with particular skills in teaching, games, multimedia development, programming, systems analysis, DVD, CGI, project planning, trouble-shooting, end user support and system documentation.

Zayd Abdullah Dawood

Academic Course Leader in Computing Technologies

Since graduating as the highest-graded undergraduate student at Gloucestershire, I have pursued a career in higher education as Academic Course Leader in Computing Technologies. I enjoy technological challenges such as new software applications or programming languages.

I have industry experience as an eLearning courseware developer, media developer and mobile app. developer – developing for both iOS and Android platforms. I have also worked for Content Master delivering high quality training materials for various blue-chip companies, including Microsoft, IBM, Orange and T-Mobile.

Jamie Stewart

Academic Course Leader in Games Programming

I have worked for AAA games companies in the UK, 2K Sports and Eutechnyx, on a variety of titles and console platforms before migrating into indie game development on mobile platforms such as android and iOS.

After some time as an Independent developer I transitioned into education and have taught programming at undergraduate and masters level at Universities in Australia, The Netherlands and the UK.

Andre van Rooijen

Academic Course Leader in Computer Games Design

Trained as a traditional painter and sculptor, I worked for more than 15 years on design and development of computer games for clients such as Adidas, Sony and Intel. As an Artist and Art Director I have produced visual designs and coached art teams working on both original IP and licensed products across all major interactive platforms including PC, consoles and mobile.